How to play the green card lottery 2022

Us green card. where and how to apply?

How and when the Green Card Lottery is held?

The first lottery draw took place in 1994 year and since then held every year. Organized by the US Department of State Lottery. To participate in the lottery, you must submit an application in accordance with the rules, which are published shortly before the start of accepting applications. The official acceptance of applications takes place in the fall (usually in October and November).

And the draw takes place in the spring. After the completion of accepting applications, the computer randomly determines the lucky ones, who are given the opportunity to get a "green card". In recent years, the drawing has been carried out 1 May. It is after this date that all participants using their application numbers (Confirmation Number) can find out the result on the official website. If the result is positive, then within a certain period you need to go through the procedure for obtaining an immigration visa. With an immigrant visa, the winners come to the United States and receive a "green card" there.

Together with the winner in the USA, his spouse / spouse can go for green cards (even if the marriage is concluded after winning) and their children under the age of 21 of the year. It is impossible to transfer the "green card" to other family members within the framework of the lottery. To visit the winner, other relatives and friends can try to get a visitor visa.

For the purposes of the lottery, all countries are divided into regions. There are six regions in total: Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, South and Central America. Bids from each region are competing with each other. According to rough estimates, among the natives of European countries, one of the 25 families, on condition, that the applications of both spouses are involved. Single entry odds, respectively, twice smaller. Who has not won, can participate again - every year.

To become a participant in the lottery, you must meet the minimum requirements. Read more about this in the lottery rules.

Where to find your Green Card Winning Case Number

Do not confuse Confirmation Number and Case Number. The first one is needed to check the results of the DV lottery, and the second is assigned to the winners of the Green Card. Case Number is the win number, number of your case and case.

Why is this Green Card Winning Number so important?

Your Case Number determines your turn in the distribution of US immigrant visas of the DV category - in the future Green Card. That is, the higher this number, the less chances there will be for you to receive your winnings.

And now, you begin to understand, that your invitation for an interview and the chance to get a Green Card for winning depends not on the speed of sending the DS-260 questionnaire or how quickly you start further procedures.

All right, Unfortunately, not every winner in the DV lottery will be able to receive a Green Card. And even more regretfully, there is nothing to be done about it. There is a queue and the winners will be invited in turn, which is determined by this same win number - Case Number!

For, to find out, when you have an interview at the US Embassy, how much time do you have in stock or will they be invited at all - for your convenience, we have created this service for calculating the timing of receiving a Green Card after winning. Use for health =)

F.A.Q.: Questions and answers

- They say, that Case Number should be kept secret and not told to anyone. Is it safe to enter your Green Card Winning Number??
- If in doubt, then you can enter not your exact Case Number, and one digit more / less or any other, which is close to your. In this case, you are completely confident in the safety of your Case Number., because you entered not yours)) And if the difference was small, then the service will show the same results, as for your.

Secondly: it is completely safe! Just knowing your Case Number, intruder, if there is one, will do nothing to him. For, to enter your personal account using the DS-260 questionnaire, you also need other data of the winner, such as: Surname in English, date of birth and Confirmation Number - application number for participation in the DV lottery. And by entering your personal account and screwing up somewhere there - you can always correct the data in the questionnaire at the request of KCC.

In general, as always. There are many alarmists on the Internet)) Personally, we don't need your number, we provide assistance to winners only for those, who is contacting us)

Will DV-2023 take place??

Since the Diversity Immigrant Visa program formally allows almost any citizen of almost any country in the world to move to the United States, someone thinks, that this is not very good for the States themselves. But the situation becomes even more difficult, when the president of the United States himself thinks so.

Also in 2017 Donald Trump urged Congress to close the immigration lottery program - and since then regularly reminds about it (in its own way - through tweets). He offered to give permission to move to the country on the basis of real merit., not randomly. In the spring of 2020, Trump partially achieved his goal - he stopped issuing work visas to lottery winners, to maintain stability in the situation with coronavirus and unemployment among Americans themselves.

Truth, no one doubts anymore - Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election, therefore, the lottery is now clearly not in danger. This is also indicated by businessman Yuri Mosha - According to him, Trump's rhetoric often did not go beyond words:

Respectively, after the official announcement by the new president of Joe Biden and his inauguration, it is wait for relief in terms of migration policy - The Democratic Party of the USA usually fully supports such ideas.

As Varvara Latyntseva says, already in 2021 year, you can expect not just the restoration of the previous scale of immigration, but also, Maybe, the emergence of new programs in this area. On the other side, USA is still the world "leader" in the spread of coronavirus and deaths from it, therefore, there may be some time delays or restrictions in immigration programs.

However, the closest application date is only next fall, and vaccines against coronavirus will appear in a year, and, Maybe, effective ways to treat it. And then the next stage of the visa lottery will open the way to the States for more 55 thousands of people from all over the world.

What is the Green Card Lottery

Учитывая огромное количество желающих обрести гражданство США и одновременно слишком маленький процент реально подходящих кандидатов, the government of the country approved the so-called diversification lottery (DV), held annually for several decades. The drawing is conducted according to the following scheme:

Green Card

После собеседования в диппредставительстве страны и одобрения получения «Грин Кард» соискателю выдаётся запечатанный пакет с документами, который должен быть передан в первозданном виде сотрудникам погранслужбы в аэропорту прилёта в одном из американских штатов. Это действие должно произойти не позднее, чем через 6 месяцев после принятия положительного решения по «Гринкарте», в противном случае право обретения ВНЖ сгорает.

Important! После прохождения собеседования и до выдачи иммиграционных документов должно пройти несколько месяцев для организации консульской работы, therefore the nearest departure of the lottery winners, которые себя заявят в октябре 2018 of the year, намечен не ранее чем на 2020 year

Lottery participation price

Розыгрыш в лотерее проводится на благотворительных началах и является бесплатным при регистрации. Однако в случае выигрыша кандидату необходимо будет потратить некоторые средства, которые он обязан иметь в запасе:

  • Сбор всех документов для проведения консульской работы до прохождения собеседования: translations, assurances, платные госуслуги и т. d. - about 500 $*.
  • А/б до любого города США — в пределах 800–1400 $* на каждого совершеннолетнего члена семьи и чуть дешевле на ребёнка.
  • Средства на аренду жилья по приезду — из расчёта 500–1500 $* на семью, you will need to pay, most likely, сразу на 6 months, a plus 2 месячных платежа депозита.
  • Средства на первое время адаптации в обществе и поиск работы по статусу ВНЖ — около 800 $* на каждого члена семьи хотя бы на 2 months.
  • Деньги на оформление медицинской страховки из расчёта от 500 $* в месяц на человека, хотя многие это не делают, оставляя ситуацию на произвол судьбы (но надо сказать, что медобслуживание в США очень дорогое, поэтому в случае необходимости проведения экстренного лечения счета могут составлять десятки и даже сотни тысяч долларов).

Thus, рассматривая ту же семью из 4 human, на первое время может понадобиться от 15 000 $ to 20 000 $ for comfortable adaptation. but, Considering, what, если человек планирует на Родине переезд на ПМЖ, he, usually, sells his property, и эти деньги у него имеются.

Important! Consider, что правительство США не предоставляет никакой помощи в адаптации мигрантов в обществе, therefore job search, школ и детских садов, а также заведение личных полезных контактов остаётся прерогативой самих эмигрантов

Conditions for candidates: when it will not work to issue a green card

A number of candidates cannot apply for a green card due to medical and legal restrictions.

At first, it concerns the state of health. The migrant will not be able to receive the document, if he has medical contraindications:

  • the presence of diseases or mental disorders that are dangerous for the surrounding;

  • addiction;

  • lack of necessary vaccinations;

  • the presence of a serious illness (because of the risk, that the migrant will be supported by the state).

Secondly, problems with the law and immigration laws will call into question the move to the USA. Here I mean, that the applicant:

  • deliberately committed a dangerous crime;

  • in the past was in the United States on illegal grounds above 180 days;

  • was deported from the country on previous trips;

  • submitted fraudulent documents for visa processing, the fact of a fictitious marriage was recorded.

It is these restrictions that become a stumbling block in the issue of obtaining a visa and a green card..

Problems with the law will become an obstacle to obtaining a green card

Thus, if the foreigner does not suffer from dangerous diseases, severe forms of ailments, is a law-abiding citizen, there are grounds and well-prepared documentation, getting a green card is not difficult. An important prerequisite is a satisfactory knowledge of the English language..

How a lottery participant can improve their chances of winning

Каждый потенциальный соискатель Green Card может незначительно повысить свои шансы на победу в розыгрыше следующими способами, хотя их немного:

  • Прежде всего шансы у семьи минимум вдвое выше, чем у одиночек, так как супруг может попросить зарегистрировать в лотерее свою супругу, и их шансы как раз удвоятся.
  • Достаточно сложный путь — предложить всем своим родственникам участие в лотерее в надежде, что кто-то из них точно окажется победителем, а после переезда и 5-летнего проживания на американской земле оставшиеся на родине попытаются получить иммиграционную визу, family reunification.
  • Чтобы в случае выигрыша гарантированно пройти собеседование в консульстве США, заранее изучить перечень требуемых документов и предоставить их практически в первые дни после уведомления о победе в розыгрыше.

Несмотря на все попытки по увеличению шансов на выигрыш, никакой математической логики в выборе соискателей при проведении лотереи не существует, и кандидату после регистрации остаётся лишь надеяться на благосклонность судьбы к нему. But, судя по отзывам, многие соотечественники в США устроились очень неплохо.

*Prices are valid for July 2018 G.

Minimum requirements for participants in the Green Card Lottery

Принимать участие в лотерее на обретение «Грин Кард» могут многие граждане разных стран, однако далеко не каждый. This is due to the fact, что Правительство Америки предъявляет к соискателям незначительные требования, которым они должны в обязательном порядке соответствовать:

  • На момент регистрации в лотерее гражданин должен достигнуть совершеннолетия (18 years).
  • Будущий участник обязан родиться в одном из государств, которое имеет право участвовать в лотерее. На сегодняшний день это относится ко всем странам бывшего СССР, Израилю и некоторым государствам стран ЕС.
  • Претендент обязан иметь полное среднее образование и специальность (all classes of the school plus technical school, college or vocational school).
  • Все соискатели на «Грин Кард» обязаны доказать свою задействованность в полученной специальности на практике, то есть работать согласно приобретённой в учебном заведении профессии на протяжении минимум 2 лет за последние 5 years.

Заявление на участие в лотерее

note! Из-за большого количества заявок при регистрации участников прикрепление сканов всех подтверждающих документов не требуется, чтобы не допустить перегрузку сервера, так как большинство заявок всё равно не сыграют. Однако эти документы должны быть готовы к предъявлению консульскому работнику диппредставительства при проведении собеседования

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